Sandy Zine: Issue Four



Sandy's CRAZY issue!

*NOW* 56 pages!

Sandy is a feminist zine by bad bitches and for bad bitches, dedicated to the fine art of Women Supporting Women.

Guidance & inspiration for next wave witches:

  • Ask a Boss with Amanda Lee McCarty
  • Live By the Moon: Monthly Tarot with Paige Zee
  • Eat This! with Chef Miriam
  • City Woman: Seattle by Jeannine Kapteyn
  • Sandy Mixtapeby Brittney Nini

CRAZY is about the dismissal of emotional expression as “psycho bitch behavior.” It’s about exploring the social stigmas relating to female mental illness. But every shadow has a source of light. On the brighter side of this dark crystal, the label of crazy is often the mark of a freethinking woman!

  • Crazy Changes the World: Crazy is a label we shouldn’t shun, by Suzy Mae
  • Le Femmes Brut: Outsider artist lady heaven, by Rachel Jones
  • Crazy Girl Quotes: Which outspoken artist said what? Illustrated by Anna Bongiovanni
  • The Ramones & Me: Release via punk rock, by Mary Alberque
  • Emilie Autumn & Me: Freedom via music, by Tanja Angela
  • The Art of Hysteria: Illness, or art? By Bryn Esplin
  • Everyone Knows That: Dismantling the "crazy Mexican woman” stereotype, by Nikki Manina
  • Crazy Ex-Girfriends Suck: Analysis of cinematic XGF tropes, by Irene Lo
  • Crazy Cat Ladies: Cultural implications of a woman who really loves cats, by Shari Roulin
  • Cool Girl: Smashing expectations of desirable detachment, by Jaclyn Friedman
  • Sallie Mae > Mary Jane: When life gets desperate... crazy measures, by Amanda Gaye-Smith
  • Holistic Mental Health: Your go-to guide to well-being, by Temple Willoughby
  • PMDD and PMS: Effects of monthly cycles on our minds, by Autumn Laws
  • ESPOSITO: Sharing the rage and hurt of a victimized mental state, by Maria Catt
  • We Are Turning Cursive Letters Into Knives: Zine-making as art therapy, by Jolie Ruin
  • Crazy Exes: A tale of “crazy ex” man-lies, and the search for truth, by Amanda Lee McCarty
  • Karla Was A Crazy Little Drunk: Blitzed tales of a crazy phase, by Karla Kaminski


  • Comics by Suzette Smith
  • Illustrations by Amanda Paschoal, Ambivalently Yours, Anna Bongiovanni, Aubin Libby, Arpad Lep, Bobbi Wall, Darcy Fanggi, Derek Erdman, Jenn Woodall, Jenny Herbert, Jolie Ruin, Keri Schroeder, Lizi Jackson, Moa Marslund, Peregrine Angthius, Stacey Sproule and Suzy Mae

Editor: Amanda Lee McCarty
Creative director: Suzy Mae

Sandy™ is a creation of Amanda Lee McCarty & Suzy Mae, 2015. All content © individual contributors.

≈56 page, black and white, 8 x 11.5" stapled zine≈

*Dear readers, we have increased Sandy's price to $6 due to the added pages and increased printing cost. Sandy makes no profit. Our contributors donate their talent. Every cent you pay for Sandy goes right back into making more zines... and we have more exciting ideas coming up for the Sandy community. We love you!