Sandy Zine: Issue Two



Sandy's Spinster issue!

A feminist zine by bad bitches and for bad bitches, dedicated to the fine art of Women Supporting Women.

Guidance & inspiration for next wave witches:

  • Ask a Boss with Amanda Lee McCarty
  • Eat This! with Chef Miriam
  • Live By the Moon: Monthly Tarot with Paige Zee
  • School for the Digitally Wayward with Suzy Mae
  • City Woman: St Louis by Sarah Hillenbrand Varela
  • Sandy Mixtape, by Kevin Smith d'Aguiar

Spinsters, redefined: Sandy explores partnership, singlehood, and the expectation of marriage via history, statistics, personal stories and analytical essays. SPINSTERISM is our new term for singlehood as a choice, not a punishment. Membership has its privileges!

  • The Holistic Spinster's A to Z Guide to Illness & Recovery, by Gillian Masland
  • Spinsterism: A personal manifesto, by Michael O'Hara
  • Spinsters! You Don't Have To Get Married, by Suzy Mae
  • I got Married, and... by Mary, Martina, Julia, & Tami
  • Curse of the Bad Bitch, by Amanda Lee McCarty
  • Cats & Cobwebs No More! by Karla Kaminski


  • Comics by Suzette Smith & Suzy Mae
  • Illustrations by Kevin d'Aguiar, Bobbi Wall, Moa Marslund & Karen Silverman

Editor: Amanda Lee McCarty
Creative director: Suzy Mae
Sandy™ is a creation of Amanda Lee McCarty & Suzy Mae, 2014. All content © individual contributors.

≈48 page, black and white, 8 x 11.5" stapled zine≈